My name is Clay Kronke, and I’m an artist, writer, and occasional filmmaker/actor. I grew up in a smudge of a town in south Texas, equidistant from Houston, San Antonio and Austin, but convenient to none of them. Consequently, I had a relatively sheltered upbringing, the only real culture I experienced being that which was brought into our home by my parents (music from my mom and art from my dad). As a shy, introverted nerd who loved the escape of genre fiction, I devoured movies like Star Wars, The Last Starfighter, and Indiana Jones; TV shows like Knight Rider,  MacGyver, and Star Trek; and book series like Wrinkle in TimeHitchhiker’s Guide and the Myth Adventures.

My childhood love of spaceships and lightsabers combined with growing knowledge of artists such as M.C. Escher and Mondrian shaped my college career. Little surprise then that I spent those years developing artwork that blended the organic and synthetic – technical imagery, abstract in concept but realistic in application. My writing continued the theme as I developed clever but seemingly insignificant characters who were plucked out of seclusion and obscurity, and thrust into situations and events bigger than anything they’d ever imagined all set amongst a far flung technological future. With my educational background rooted in the fine arts and my interests in modern art and digital rendering, I have cultivated a broad skillset.

As a professional artist, I’ve worked in a variety of industries, from newspapers to corporate to retail apparel. I’ve collaborated on projects ranging from graphic novels to book covers to company logos and everything in between, creating individualized commissioned artworks or graphics each time. I am driven by a passion to bring focus to clients’ visions and create something new and engaging for their audience. The driving force of my professional career has been helping people find their perspective while developing those ideas from inception to delivery. My services are available through either contract or commission, and I offer a selection of products through my online marketplace.

Let me help you bring your vision to reality.