Ruin of Dragons

Petra’s day was going just fine, until she woke up a dragon.

When a group of interplanetary dragonhunters arrive on her isolated world, her quiet life is irrevocably altered and she finds herself drawn out of her simple existence and into a hunt for a piece of her own past she never knew about. The dragonhunters – an unlikely combination of ranger, wizard, elf and dwarf – are on their own quest to stop a mysterious ecoterrorist using weaponized dragonfire to destroy entire cities.

Their paths continue to cross and Petra will have to avoid capture after arriving on the wrong planet, survive a mistaken identity and a ship crash, all while getting embroiled in a plot to take down a civilization’s government amid a force of indestructible dragons raining fiery death from above…

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Available for the Kindle or in paperback.